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Kelaid Liquid Solution 0.5oz

Kelaid Liquid Solution 0.5oz

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This is the 1st step of a two part system.  Must be used in with the Gel Solution

Using a q-tip this liquid solution is rubbed onto the keloid.  The goal is to cover the entire terrain of the keloid with this liquid and help prepare it for the gel.  Once this liquid dries it will leave a white residue.  Depending on the amount used to rub the keloid this liquid dries within 10 minutes after application.  

This liquid solution paired with the gel solution will significantly diminish your keloid.  You can expect results within 7 days of consistent use*

This is a size 0.5oz = 15ml.  The gel solution sold separately.

*Use 2X a day; morning and evening.  Expires 1 year after opening.

Avoid contact with water while treating the keloid.