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Kelaid Gel Soluton 0.5oz

Kelaid Gel Soluton 0.5oz

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This is the 2nd step of the two part system. 

This is for the Gel only.  The liquid solution sold separately.

This gel solution is placed all over the keloid after the liquid solution has been applied and has dried. Depending on how much you saturate the keloid with this gel, it takes anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes for it to fully absorb into the skin.  

This gel is colourless and odorless and used with the liquid solution will significantly diminish your keloid.  You can expect results within 7 days of consistent use*

This is a size 0.5oz = 15ml.

*Use 2X a day; morning and evening.

Avoid contact with water while treating the keloid.